Mixing Pix and Pleasure

They were there to toast “The One, Finding Soul Mate Love and Making it Last,” Kathy Freston’s no-holds-barred book, as per its title. But the guests couldn’t help also shmoozing about showbiz between canapes by Along Came Mary. After all, Kathy is married to Viacom’s Tom Freston and the hosts for the toasting were Elizabeth and Jim Wiatt and Arianna Huffington in the latter’s home. Kathy, who holds back nothing in the book, admitted to me she was nervous about being interviewed by Arianna for the latter’s tell-all site. And although married to industry titan, Kathy admitted being flattered by the terrif jam-packed turnout.  When we first talked to Kathy a month ago, she said Tom was visiting the Dalai Lama. The very-spiritual Kathy again admitted she had wished to have been along with Tom at that meeting. However, she said, Tom brought home a scarf from the holy man. She puts it about her shoulders during her own meditations.

Circling this conversation of spiritualism was this group of industryites: Sumner Redstone, Bob Iger, Chris Albrecht, Sherry Lansing, Frank Biondi, Jeffrey Katzenberg, David Geffen, Bob Evans, plus thesps Diane Keaton, Albert Brooks Linda Thompson and Miramax Books’ Rob Weisbach. One of the topics discussed was Universal’s “United 93.” Some of the men in the group stated they positively did not want to see the film!  Sumner Redstone was not one of those, he was happy to talk about the openings of “Mission Impossible III.” And Paramount was no doubt ecstatic about new daddy Tom Cruise’s Euro-preem photo ops.