Harry Warner would have loved it. His magnificent estate in the heart of Beverly Hills has been re-glamorized by Daphna and Richard Ziman. They converted the garden into a magnificent setting this Saturday for an engagement party toasting Danielle Guttman and Robert Klein. The Zimans played cupid in launching the romance. Danielle is the daughter of veteran Hollywood press agent Dick Guttman and wife Gisele. She has been active in industry charities and has worked with Klein and the Zimans on the stem cell research initiative, Prop 71. Ziman had been chairman of the City of Hope for 18 years and currently heads their stem cell research funding. 

And there was more romance in the air that day: among guests were Bruce Davison and fiancée Michele Correy, who were surprising their own guests the next day by inviting them for a party — which, to the guests’ surprise, was the Davison-Correy wedding. He had received final divorce papers last month. And Michele is expecting their baby (daughter) momentarily as well. Among those on hand to well-wish the engaged couple, the wedding couple-to-be and the hefty supporters of funding for stem cell research were: Sherry Lansing, Doug Wick, Ted Kotcheff, Joe Sargent and Jane Seymour. Dress code for the afternoon garden party was: white.  It was a great kickoff for the month of May.