In “Rocky Balboa,” It’s OK By Her

She hasn’t seen “Rocky Balboa,” in which she  appears  only in two flashback scenes from  earlier “Rockys,”  but Talia Shire (aka “Adrian Balboa”) tells me, “Sylvester Stallone showed me the script and I liked it. He also talked to me  about my  ‘appearances’.”

Rocky is seen  grieving at her grave site — she died  of cancer five years earlier — and in other scenes he also remembers  their loving  life.

“Sylvester sent me the script a year ago and discussed my ‘dying.’  We are friends and he wanted my opinion. He’s a great talent—he created ‘Adrian.’  We also talked my ideas.  We have great affection for each other  and I’m always in his corner. I have nothing but positive  feeling for him.”

Yes, she was invited to attend the  premiere, but doesn’t know  if she can attend on Wednesday . She was supposed  to leave for India, where son Jason Schwartzman is co-starring with Owen Wilson,  Adrien Brody and Roman Coppola in “Darjeeling Limited”  for director Wes Anderson.  Shire was paid (guild requirements) for her flashback appearances. She adds,  “I didn’t want to pursue any negotiations for them.”

Burgess Meredith, Rocky’s trainer,  is also seen in flashback in “Rocky Balboa.”  Meredith died Sept. 9, 1997.