Gregory Peck’s 90th birthday (April 5) will be honored in the L.A. Public Library’s Central Library Mark Taper Auditorium April 23 with a program by concert pianist Daniel Lessner. The private, command performance ($40) benefits the Gregory Peck Reading Series held in that same hall.

It is a program which Greg started and which wife Veronique, son Anthony, and daughter Cecilia Peck Voll have continued since his death on June 12, 2003. Gregory created the series “to preserve the tradition of the oral reading of great literature. Since 1995 more than seventy notable actors have read from poetry, fiction, prose and plays.”

And on May 18, Norman Mailer will be honored at the 11th annual L.A. Public Library Awards Dinner at the Central Library. Veronique Peck is Honorary Chair of the event and was instrumental in getting friend Sharon Stone to make the presentation to Mailer. Last year Annette Bening made the presentation to honoree Harper Lee — author of “To Kill a Mockingbird.”

“A Conversation with Gregory Peck,” a documentary by Cecilia Peck, is part of the special, two-disc DVD “To Kill a Mockingbird.” Also included, her farewell to her father. He was one of the finest representatives of Hollywood — no, of America that I’d ever known.