Tom Cruise and Katie HolmesPaparazzi stood in the rain on Saturday night and lined the ever-curving narrow street leading to the home of Paula Wagner and Rick Nicita. The photogs were hoping to catch a shot of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes in their car. They were en route to the post-wedding party hosted by the Nicitas. The lensers hoped they might also nab a pic with some of the stars and industry execs.

Inside the tented party, Tom and Katie beamed happiness as they were greeted with congrats. They arrived with his adopted (with Nicole Kidman) Conor and Isabella. And the first to congratulate them was Dakota Fanning, Cruise’s costar in “War of the Worlds.” Hugs for all — by all — ensued. The friendship between Tom and Dakota has continued after the film’s finale with much phoning and correspondence between them, Dakota happily said.

They cruised through the congratulating crowd, answering queries about baby Suri and the wedding in Italy. Wagner, who is Cruise’s longtime production partner and teamed in their new United Artists Company, was introducing new producing members of their company to guests. And CAA was well-represented there since both Tom and Katie are clients.

Among those on hand were Sherry Lansing and Billy Friedkin. She was Paramount’s topper during her happy days on the lot. She had retired pre-Sumner Redstone’s surprise Cruise-K.O. There was nothing but joy in this party.

Among the many offering congrats were glamor girls Penelope Cruz, Diane Sawyer and Jennifer Lopez. Also there L.A. Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, no stranger to showbiz, having recently been a hit on the Geffen stage with Jon Stewart, and Police Chief William Bratton, whose wife Rikki Kleiman was working out of town.