Carl’s fighting words

Carl ReinerCarl Reiner offered to do battle with/for his son Rob, Tuesday before the Sacramento press corps. Rob, 59, headed there to do battle on behalf of his support for Prop 82 on the California June ballot to tax the wealthy for preschool support.

Carl, who will be 84 on March 20, told me, “I would have made them (the press) feel silly and feel badly for making my son look bad. I know how to handle a big crowd. All Rob wants to do is to do good for children’s education. What he’s done is totally legal — and they’re trying to do a ‘Swift Boat’ on Rob,” he said referring to do the Al Gore-Vietnam War smear campaign.

Carl Reiner is currently writing a screenplay for the animated version of his kids’ book, “Tell Me a Scary Story, But Not Too Scary” — inspired by his grandson, Nick (son of Rob and Michelle Reiner). The pic’s for Nickelodeon and Paramount and Grandpa Carl will be one of the animated characters. His son Rob and grandson Nick as well?

The busy Carl, who costarred in “Ocean’s 11” and “12,” is slated to rejoin the troupe in “Ocean’s 13” which will again shoot in Las Vegas.