1962: New Year spells end for Romanoff’s

From the Army Archerd Archive

Dec. 28, 1962

HAPPY NEW YEAR: It’s either a feast or a famine at Romanoff’s — as proven by the New Year’s mishmash. The Bart Lyttons , who thought they had the place “exclusively”, moved their wassail from the domain of Prince Mike to their own diggings when they found other parties would be held at the eatery on the same — and final — night. The “other” party is the one being given his majesty by the Hollywood crowd that has suddenly rallied to a call by Billy Wilder and friends who will pay $60 a couple to toast Romanoff — and the New Year. The list of “names” includes the Jack Lemmons, Kirk Douglases, Vincente Minnellis, Gene Kellys, Fred Fieldses, Tony Martins, Tony Curtis and Christine Kaufmann, etc. … As Wilder puts it, “If people had only given some parties there before — he (Mike) wouldn’t have had to close up.” The Romanoffs, incidentally, are invited to the Lytton party where he’ll receive a bronzed copy of the fancy invite to the bash that was to have been the last in his eatery … And now, for the final coup: Dave Chasen is catering the new Lytton party … 2006 update: This New Year’s Eve is also the finale for another exclusive eatery, L’Orangerie. It joins departed filmdom favorites Chasen’s, the Bistro and Bistro Garden, Scandia, Luau, Perino’s, Villa Capri, etc. L’Orangerie has been bought by the company owned by Nobu Matsuhisa, Robert De Niro, Meir Teper and Richie Notar. It will be called Nobu Los Angeles, and will be similar to N.Y’s Nobu 57. P.S. Matsuhisa will also continue further south on La Cienega.