Tinopolis sets up Daybreak

Aukin to head London-based production company

LONDON — U.K. indie Tinopolis is restructuring its subsidiary Mentorn to move drama output into the newly created Daybreak Pictures.

Mentorn drama topper David Aukin and executive producer Hal Vogel will run the upstart.

Daybreak hopes to build on Mentorn’s reputation for high profile and critically acclaimed dramas based on contemporary events, such as 9/11 drama “The Hamburg Cell.”

It also wants to branch out into fictional dramas and serials.

Aukin will be managing director of Daybreak, Hal Vogel and Mentorn CEO John Willis will be directors, and Arwel Rees, managing director of Tinopolis will be Daybreak’s chairman.

One of Daybreak’s first projects is a drama based on the poisoning of the former Russian spy Alexander Litvinenko, a story that continues to dominate the headlines in Blighty. It is being written and directed by Peter Kosminsky.