Talpa becomes 10, goes 24 hours

Dutch web settles dispute with SBS

LONDON — Dutch reality TV tycoon John de Mol’s web Talpa has changed its name to Tien, which means 10 in Dutch, and will expand broadcasts to 24 hours a day this weekend.

The station, which became Holland’s 10th free-to-air channel in August 2005, was initially named Talpa after the station could not use Tien because rival broadcaster SBS laid claim to the name.

“Ten was always are original choice but for legal reasons we couldn’t use it,” explained spokesman Maarten van Rooijen.

Talpa and SBS resolved the dispute two months ago but did not disclose the details of their deal.

Van Rooijen said Talpa’s goal was to get Dutch viewers to program Tien into the number 10 slot of their remote control.

As well as changing its name, the web will also start broadcasting 24 hours day. Up until now, it has shared a channel with the children’s channel Nickelodeon, broadcasting from 6 p.m. to midnight. Latter has moved to another channel.

Tien will kick off its 24-hour schedule with a one-off marathon of past episodes of popular quiz show “Deal or No Deal.”