Networks leave their calling card

Fans get the message from '30 Rock's' Baldwin, 'Prosperity'

No one can accuse Alec Baldwin of not going all out to support his new NBC laffer.

Over the past few weeks, hundreds of thousands of folks have been getting pre-taped phone messages from the star of “30 Rock,” wishing them a happy holiday and inviting them to check out his show. Recordings are tailored to recipients, making note of where potential viewers live and work, their favorite hobby — even their best physical attribute.

Automated Alec only calls people whose friends have given him their digits — along with all that personalized data.

And the Peacock isn’t the only net getting into the phone-a-friend game.

As part of a slew of interactive initiatives designed to hype ABC’s midseason laffer “The Knights of Prosperity,” consumers who send a text message to a specific number will be rewarded with a pre-taped call from series star Donal Logue. The number was included in thousands of “rock star wallets” ABC randomly dropped in 10 major cities last week.

Newbie net CW started the game of telephone last fall with a promo for “America’s Next Top Model” in which auds were able to send personalized phone greetings from Tyra Banks.

No word yet if other nets are planning to follow suit, but here’s hoping HBO’s Tony Soprano or Ari Gold won’t be barking greetings into Grandma’s voicemail.