LONDON — MTV Networks Intl. preemed edgy street culture series “Barrio 19” across MTV mobile channels April 24, a month ahead of its TV bow.

The six-episode, half-hour series showcases young urban talent from Brazil, Japan, France, Germany, Mexico and the U.K. strutting their stuff in off-the-cuff sketches ranging from beat-boxing and freestyle football to street magic, river surfing, highline walking and fire-skating.

Underground talent performs alongside established pros in “Barrio” and the soundtrack is a combo of new talent (Japanese rap act Chief Rokka) and heavyweights (Wu Tang Clan.)

The series goes out on all 12 mobile TV channels MTVNI operates in 10 countries in Europe. The youth-orientated org has partnerships with 63 mobile operators.

The series is the brainchild of the Greenhouse, MTV’s programming think tank, and will be complemented by a “Barrio” microsite offering downloads of tracks featured in the show, photographic flip books of the best moments and exclusive video content from the show, updated on a weekly basis.