Like any war, the blowhard battle between Donald Trump and Rosie O’Donnell regarding the Miss USA “scandal” could result in some collateral damage.

Barbara Walters, for example, has already been caught in the crossfire. The Donald has made much of the fact that he and Babs are good pals, but Walters has to be careful not to appear as if she’s backing away from her colleague on “The View.”

Then there’s Regis Philbin, whose syndie chatfest is paired with “The View” in many cities.

Reege and the Donald are tight, and Philbin normally comes to Trump’s defense whenever the mogul finds himself in hot water. But Philbin was noticeably mum about the brouhaha last week — perhaps not wanting to offend his schedulemates on “The View.”

The only winner in the mess might be NBC. New season of “The Apprentice” had very little buzz surrounding it. Now, at the very least, people are talking about the show’s star.