Hungary to launch adult film network

TV station will be launched by LUXx Video

BUDAPEST — The Hungarian remote control, like the Danube, will be getting bluer: Budapest-based film producers and distributors have unveiled adult viewing network LUXx TV, which will made available over Internet protocol television and cable.

Net will be launched by LUXx Video, one of Hungary’s most prominent porn film and video producer-distributors, owned and operated by filmmaker Istvan “Kovi” Kovacs.

Other partners include Hungarian-owned TV net Kft.

Although Hungary has a long tradition in hard- and soft-core adult filmmaking, LUXx TV is the first serious attempt by Magyar broadcasters to launch a porn channel stocked with local talent.

LUXx TV reps said the network will offer 24-hour programming, with a package that includes access to a Web porn site.

The launch of LUXx is a natural leap for LUXx Video, which has been producing pornography for Western European auds for almost 15 years and has a voluminous archive of programming to tap into for the net.

LUXx will launch in January with little competition. Regional erotic network Private Gold, which previously played nights over the Travel Channel signal on many Hungarian cable systems, went off the air in this market last year.