SYDNEY — The topper of Australia’s dominant pay TV platform, Foxtel’s Kim Williams, waded into the media policy debate on Friday, calling Oz’s antisiphoning laws, which prevent culturally significant events like sports from going straight to pay TV, the “world’s worst practice.”

Speaking at the Australian Subscription Television and Radio Assn. confab in Sydney, Williams called terrestrial TV a “cozy, protected club.”

“We have to have the right policy … and not more of the same tired old protectionist approaches,” Williams added.

He called on Communications Minister Helen Coonan to introduce a “use it or lose it” clause allowing pay TV to pick up the protected sports that the terrestrial webs do not show.

The Foxtel topper also revealed that after 10 years of losses, Foxtel moved into operating profit in the first week of January. Revenue rose by 23% to A$603 million in the six months ending in December.

Foxtel has more than 1.2 million subscribers.