Fears force cancellation of show

No 'Family' for Mideast Christian satcaster Sat-7

Christmas cheer, it seems, is in short supply in Lebanon. Mideast Christian satcaster Sat-7 has been forced to cancel a special event celebrating its “Year of the Family” campaign. Scheduled event host the Bible Society of Lebanon pulled out, saying the political instability in the country was “too troubling.”

“Each day our staff comes to the studio not knowing if something might erupt, and we won’t be able to return home,” Sat-7’s Lebanese director Naji Daoud said in a statement.

Lebanon is home to some 1.4 million Christians. The country has been wracked by deepening political turmoil ever since the July war with Israel.

Political assassinations, rival demonstrations and a concerted attempt by opposition parties Hizbollah and the Free Patriotic Movement to bring down the current pro-Western Lebanese government have cut Christmas festivities to a minimum.

Sat-7, which celebrated its 10th anniversary in 2006, airs skeins intended to support the region’s Christian Arab communities.