Fans raising ‘L’ with scripts

Fanlib, Showtime running an online contest

Diehard fans of Showtime’s lesbian sudser “The L Word” have gone from speculating over the show’s plotline to actually shaping it.

Online company Fanlib, with the full cooperation of Showtime’s new-media execs, has spent the last few months running an online contest that allows fans to write individual scenes based on an outline devised by an “L Word” staff writer.

Would-be scribes submitted scenes for approval by Fanlib’s online community. Fanlib CEO Chris Williams says about 125 people submitted scenes each week, and between 15,000 and 25,000 voted.

Through random selection, one of the seven winners, Jan Naugle, grabbed the brass ring: a “mentoring session via email on the topic of writing” with the creator and exec producer of “The L Word,” Ilene Chaiken.

Fanlib will publish the completed script in a downloadable digital mag, and Showtime will film an excerpt as promotion for the series and as an extra for the “L Word” DVD.

Williams says the seven winners already are trying to leverage their “prize-winning” scenes to secure an agent and to get an official writing assignment on “The L Word.”