As value-added TV goes, “Two and a Half Men” producer Chuck Lorre goes the extra mile to entertain his auds — if they’re willing to freeze-frame his show-closing vanity card.

Lorre’s card-carrying mini-manifestos have been running since his days on “Dharma & Greg,” but this year, they’ve become even more pointed — and occasionally hilarious — than usual.Lorre skewered Golden Globe voters for overlooking his show (“Dear foreigners … ” the broadside began); tweaked Disney CEO Robert Iger for “trading” announcer Al Michaels for cartoon character Oswald the Lucky Rabbit; and criticized the FCC’s hypocrisy in dealing with televised sex and violence. That rant didn’t air, but Lorre cued viewers to check it out on his Web site, chucklorre.com.

Most recently, Lorre’s April 24 card waded into the Anthony Pellicano scandal and allegations that he tapped into phone calls by Hollywood’s rich and famous. Lorre reprinted a mock Pellicano transcript documenting Lorre’s mundane dialogue with his wife about what they were going to have for dinner.

Fans can look forward to a few more of the cards through the May sweeps, but when the show takes a break, so does Lorre: Last spring, he posted a “Gone fishin’ ” sign, complete with a shot of himself scuba diving, on the season’s final episode.