2 nets own Hungary’s air waves

Szalai says results are the death knell for state broadcaster Magyar Televizio

Hungary’s terrestrial commercial networks, RTL Media-controlled RTL Klub and SBS-controlled TV2, have an iron grip on the nation’s ad revenues, together boasting 90% of ad sales and 66% of viewers, according to broadcast regulator ORTT. 

ORTT board member Annamaria Szalai said these results are the death knell for Hungary’s once-dominant state broadcaster, Magyar Televizio, which saw its commanding market position dwindle after the advent of commercial terrestrial TV in the mid-1990s.  

Hungarian state radio has lost its 15- to 49-year-old demographic and is hemorrhaging 30,000 listeners a month.

Magyar is more competitive, and has retained viewers by spicing up its evening news shows with star performers and its primetime line up with first-run movies.

ORTT surveyed Hungary’s top 546 television and 736 radio stations.