Ted Danson and Mary Steenburgen wheeled a clothing rack onstage at the 7th Annual Costume Designers Guild awards Feb. 19 at the Beverly Hilton, quipping, “This is just a small sample of the costumes that we’ve stolen over the years.” The crowd — all feathers and glitter — clearly got the joke.

The perky pair weren’t the only non-designers who came out. Kurt Russell, Dustin Hoffman and Rachel Griffiths lauded the folks who put clothes on their backs, and Mike Nichols honored designer Anthea Sylbert.

Then there was Carrie Fisher, who awarded her mother, Debbie Reynolds, who has for decades collected classic Hollywood costumes — over 4,00 of them – but is unable to find a home for them. Chided Fisher: “Famous people … need to give back to the business that made them famous, not shit on it.”