Pic’s the party for ‘Casino’

Bond pic opens Down Under

SYDNEY — The “Casino Royale” roadshow played its cards close to the vest Down Under, but stopped short of mailing it in.

About 750 scenesters milled around the entrance to the State Theater, among them a former primary school friend of Daniel Craig‘s from England.

Craig spied her in the crowd and explained to the gathered media, ”Yes, I remember; her father used to run the local post office.”

Local thesps, among them Hugo Weaving and Joel Edgerton, sports stars, models and spy wannabes joined Craig’s partner, producer Satsuki Mitchell, Bond girl Caterina Murino and director, Martin Campbell, for what turned out to be a premiere without a party.

Said a rep for distributor Sony Pictures, ”Casino Royale is so darn good, we thought you didn’t need anything else.”