Oz auds pump pic

'Kokoda' preems in Sydney

SYDNEY — The April 10 world premiere of the Aussie war pic “Kokoda” had an air of triumph despite the Aussie fighters on screen not achieving a clear-cut victory in the New Guinea hills.

Fledgling shingle GFN Productions, founded by ex-Film Finance Corp. chairman

Geoff Levy and ex-chief exec Catriona Hughes, celebrated its first release at the Bondi Junction Greater Union plex.

Helmer/producer team Alister Grierson and Leesa Kahn clinked glasses upon

being the first of five “Kokoda” movies to be released.

“There are a lot of people pissed off with us because they’ve got “Kokoda”

scripts in their back pockets,” a battle-weary Grierson said.

Levy, topper at Investec investment bank, used his connections to fast-track

finance enabling the pic to travel from concept to screen in less than one year.

Hughes said: “We saved them from the humbling process of bureaucratic

indifference which can be so dispiriting.”