‘Oceans’ of intrigue

Perrin creates big splash with latest pic

WASHINGTON — Thirty-odd years ago, Jacques Perrin was steeped in overtly political films like “Z” and “State of Siege,” both of which he produced. Lately he’s been directing nature documentaries — and he considers himself perhaps even more political than ever.

“If we have a feeling about nature, we take a position on it,” Perrin said while attending a festival of his docs mounted by the French American Cultural Foundation in D.C.

He’s taking his strongest position with his current project, “Oceans,” which will blend extensive documentary footage of sea life with a fictional narrative superimposed.

At the fest, Perrin screened rushes of humpback whales and sharks, but shooting has only just begun. International release is planned for fall 2008.

He and his crew have developed underwater cameras to provide high-res images for big screens. “The small screen is for information,” he said. “We want to create sensation.”