Lucas in a D.C. daze

Legendary helmer meets with Prez

WASHINGTON “Being in Washington is more fictional than being in Hollywood,” said helmer and f/x wizard George Lucas.

He should know. Moments earlier he had been standing with President Bush — not really Lucas’ favorite world leader — in a crowded White House ceremony honoring Industrial Light & Magic’s three decades of innovation in movie f/x.

Before handing Lucas and ILM colleague Chrissie England, who stood between the two men, their National Medal of Technology, Bush privately quipped: “We’ve got the rose between the two thorns.”

Afterward, standing outside 1600 Pennsylvania Ave., Lucas matter of factly said “it’s great” to get this award. But how is it different from getting an Oscar?

“There’s about a tenth as many press here,” he said, then, after scanning the gaggle of reporters, “and no beautiful women in beautiful dresses.”