Horror mavens meet

'Masters' kick off season two

HOLLYWOOD — “It’s the first job I ever got from a meal,” helmer and showrunner Mick Garris said of IDT Entertainment’s Showtime anthology “Masters of Horror,” which feted the start of production on season two at an April 4 bash at the Ivar in Hollywood.

The “meal” was the informal dinners Garris held with his horror-helmer pals.

The very name “Masters of Horror” started as a joke, says “Hostel” helmer Eli Roth, who joined the group on occasion.

“It was ‘The Masters of Horror demand more butter,’ ” Roth said.

But after a first season that saw worldwide sales and the dawn of a cult following, no one’s laughing now.

Garris, IDT CEO John Hyde, Tobe Hooper, Don Cosarelli and William Malone joined what amounted to a mini-reunion for the group.