Holiday gift guide: Best in show

Show your appreciation with these gifts

You work in show business, kiddo. This season, show your nearest and dearest just how much you appreciate them. These gifts will surely get some applause.

For the Luddite curmudgeon

Rebelpack stationery by Assouline ($170; assouline.com) see photo

For the comedy writer out of jokes

Saturday Night Live: The First Season ($69.98; nbcuniversalstore.com) see photo

For the uninspired screenwriter

Preston Sturges box set ($29.98; nbcuniversalstore.com) see photo

For the talent manager who always returns your calls

Helio ($225; helio.com) see photo

For the size 0 stylist on a diet

Jeff Vespa one-of-a-kind 8×10 Polaroid of a Double-Double, matted and framed in white ($750; call WireImage at 323-988-1408) see photo

For the quiet germophobe in accounting

Soaps by Penhaligons ($40; penhaligons.co.uk) see photo

For the D-Girl who spends a month’s rent on a purse

Pinken Mint purse caddy ($99; pinkenmint.com) see photo

For any woman of whimsy

Bond perfume set ($240; bondno9.com) see photo

For the schizophrenic exec producer

Jonathan Adler bowl ($295; jonathanadler.com) see photo

For the exec who always picks up the check

Omas Pucci pens ($295 each; omas.com) see photo

For the scruffy 45-year-old agent

Ritual shaving set ($79; yourritual.com) see photo

For the newbie in the mail room

Corporate Flashcards ($14.95; knockknock.biz) see photo

For the actress with a bump

The Calla high chair by Yves Behar ($895; callachair.com to place order) see photo

For the guy married to the actress with a bump

Fleurville diaper bag ($119.95; fleurville.com) see photo

For the Ex-NYer who thinks LA has no culture

MOCA Contemporaries membership ($310; moca.org) see photo

For the office ogler

The Big Book of Breasts ($49.99; taschen.com) see photo

For the studio head with a mahogany desk

Agate coasters by Rablab ($50;aplusrstore.com) see photo

For the exec you deport to Sundance

Reversible Kat vest by Erin Snow ($448; erinsnow.com) see photo

For the “afraid to fight back” assistant

The Queen Bitch desk display ($12.95; amazon.com) see photo

For the starlet who holds up productions

Rose gold LaDona watch by Cartier ($31,700; cartier.com) see photo

For the globe-trotting location scout

Cashmere travel wraps by White + Warren ($275; whiteandwarren.com) see photo

For the chain-smoking, vegan publicist

Soy-scented candle from Alora Ambiance ($40; aloraambiance.com) see photo

For the producer with a party house

Karaoke for video iPod or MP3 player ($59.99; dopikaraoke.com) see photo