Femme film work’s feted

Doc features clips from interviews with 14 H'w'd women

“Welcome to the kickoff of the Women in Film Foundation Legacy Series. It’s a mouthful, but it’s worth it,” host Gena Rowlands said at the March 30 preem of the series’ mini-docu at UCLA’s James Bridges Theater.

Doc features clips from interviews with 14 women whose careers span from Hollywood’s early days through its heyday to today.

Subjects Eva Marie Saint, Jane Wyatt, Gloria Stuart, Fay Kanin, Marion Rosenberg, Else Blangsted, Barbara Boyle and Dorothea Petrie had already dished their Hollywood stories to the camera, but they weren’t done yet.

Stuart, who took a 33-year vacation from acting because of a “lack of quality roles,” said things had changed from when she started in the 1930s. Back then, the director would be on the set, and she would work facing him. While shooting “Titanic,” she stopped a scene to ask, “Where is Mr. Cameron?” James Cameron was directing from 50 feet away.