WHAT: The March 14 preem of “Find Me Guilty”

WHERE : Sony Lincoln Square Theater in Gotham, followed by an after-party at Gallagher’s Steak-house.

‘ MULTI ‘ TALENTED : Yari admitted that initially casting action star Vin Diesel as a mid-40s, out-of-shape, real-life mobster was a concern.

“You always question whether or not (action stars) can do a drama,” said exec producer Bob Yari. “Then I watched a short film he had done years ago called “Multi-Facial,” in which he acted, directed

and produced — and I saw his acting ability. I thought it would be a real interesting mix to take someone like Vin and someone like Sidney Lumet and make a kind of vintage Sidney Lumet courtroom film.”

For those who prefer Diesel buff ‘n’ bald, those days might be numbered. “His fans may be shocked at first,” Lumet said. “But you know it took Sean Connery three movies before a mass audience accepted him on another level.