LONDON Thesp Crispin Glover, who accompanied his directorial debut “What Is It?” to the Brussels Fantastic Film Fest (March 10-25), was quizzed by a critter lover in the aud. “Why do you kill so many snails in your film? Do you hate snails?” Unfazed Glover responded, “No, I find snails quite sympathetic actually, but that was a way to provoke a reaction from the public, especially Americans. So it was a necessary sacrifice.”

Glover was joined at the fest by helmers Neil Marshall (“The Descent”), Jaume Balaguero (“Fragile”), Courtney Solomon (“An American Haunting”), Dave Payne (“Reeker”) and Michael J. Bassett (“Wilderness”).

Danish black comedy “Adam’s Apples” won the Golden Raven for best pic, while the International Body Painting Contest, which attracted 16 contestants from Belgium, France, Germany, the Netherlands, U.K. and Ukraine, was won by local makeup artist Francois Rose for her creation “Carnivora.”