WHAT: A “Dreamgirls” unspooling Tuesday at the ArcLight in Hollywood, as part of Variety‘s Screening Series.

WHO: Director-writer Bill Condon, producer Larry Mark and thesps Jennifer Hudson, Anika Noni Rose and Keith Robinson

RESEARCH: Rose watched DVDs about Motown, an invaluable research aid. “Women in the ’60s were sensual rather than sexual, which is different from today’s in-your-face attitude, ” she said. “I was watching these things looking for the movement not only of the group but the movement of the era. It was something to go back and find … the difference between that time and this time, and fine-tune what that was, from the fingertips to the toes.”

ART IMITATES LIFE: Hudson, asked if she saw any similarities in her life to her charac-ter she plays in the film, responded: “I guess through my experience on ‘American Idol.’ I think it definitely parallels with me being eliminated (on the show) and me being pushed into the background, kicked out of the group (in the movie). Both of us (were) going against all odds to pursue our goals.”