‘Breakup’ breakout

U preem new love laffer

WHAT: Universal’s world preem of Vince Vaughn-Jennifer Aniston starrer “The Break Up” on Monday

WHERE: Mann’s Village in Westwood, with an after-bash at Napa Valley Grille

BREAK UP TO MAKE UP?: Despite all the reported hullabaloo about reshoots and how the pic should end (do they or don’t they reunite?), Vaughn — who produced and conceived the premise — said all the talk is much ado about nothing. “It ends exactly the way we always wanted it to,” he said. So why the reshoot (where Vaughn is noticeably much leaner than in the rest of the film)? “Endings are never set in stone,” he explained. “With ‘Swingers,’ I did not even know which scene was the last until I saw the final print; with ‘Made,’ we chose the ending in the editing room. It’s all part of the process.”

LOVE HURTS: “We wanted to show the side of a breakup that most romantic comedies are afraid to show. Sometimes it just hurts,” said exec producer Peter Billingsley, who has known Vaughn since the pair shot an after-school spec in 1989 called “Steroids” (“I was the kid on steroids,” he said).