2007: What’s In and Out

What's in and what's out for 2007

A new year shouldn’t demand a whole new wardrobe. But in hindsight, there are certain style missteps–consider them the Hurricane Katrina’s of fashion–that never should have happened. Herewith, a list of what is undeniably passé and conversely, the looks to embrace in 2007.


Minidresses –The 60s-inspired A-line shifts and baby doll dresses will continue to rule. Flowing diaphanous shifts will be popular too, come spring.


See by Chloe dress, $170; Netaporter.com

Skulls — Ahoy matey! When Target is selling merchandise emblazoned with bones, it’s no longer rebellious and cutting edge.



Wide belts — A waist is a terrible thing to waste, Get one in patent, satin, or leather to add some cinch to your figure. Do not wear it low slung on your hips. Only female cops are allowed in invest in holsters.

Skinny jeans — If you’re wider than a pool cue, you don’t look so skinny. Let’s kill whoever invented these jeans.

Panties — Bikini wax or not, a crotch is not an accessory–unless you live in Amsterdam.

Feedbag purses — Make that oversized Miu Miu purse your new overnight or gym bag. Latch on a smaller, sleeker purse with a strap if you can’t bear to shelf it just yet.

Platforms & Flats– Stacked heels and ballerina slippers are the way to go for 2007. Wedges work too. Save the stilettos for the bedroom.

Mia flat, $60; Piperlime.com

Short-shorts — Are you A) a prostitute, B) a rockette, C) a toddler, or D) none of the above? If you did not answer D, keep the shorts. Otherwise–and I don’t care how many hours you clocked at Curves in 2006, g-friend!–use them for dusting.

White & Black — Ebony and ivory are the ideal color combo for the New Year. Just think of yourself as a piano when you get dressed. A pair of black, wide legged pants with a crisp white blouse and big gold hoops is a no-brainer look. White bags, shoes, belts and dresses will also be seen. (Tip: buy white in patent leather, which is easier to keep clean).

Goldenbleu Parker patent tote, $762; Shopbop.com

Bootlets – Like squirrels and ferrets, these ankle boots look cute. But like most wild animals, they can turn mean and hateful with no warning. Bottom line: bootlets make most women look like stubby biker chicks. Avoid.

Crocs — No explanation necessary.