Ultimate unplug

The latest in wireless devices

Wi-fi for your laptop is nothing new — but for your camera? Variety Weekend sought new ways to get disconnected.


TracNet 100 Mobile Internet Receiver with MSN TV Service

BlackBerry cramps your style? Bring the internet into your car with TracNet 100 and Verizon’s high-speed EVDO wireless network. Receiver comes with a keyboard; you supply an in-car monitor. Remember to password protect your rolling wi-fi hotspot lest your network start a parade. $1895 + $79/month, KVH.com

Sling Media Slingbox

Take your couch potatoes to go. This candy bar shaped device connects to your TV or TiVo and gives you their full benefit (or detriment) from your internet connected desktop, laptop or smart phone. Watch last night’s “Lost” whilst lost on the road–preferably with someone else driving. $199, Slingmedia.com

Kodak EasyShare One

If you can access a wireless network, this six megapixel camera will email images to anyone in the world. $299 + $99 wi-fi card, Kodak.com

Nabaztag Wi-Fi Smart Rabbit

This bunny-shaped desktop companion links to your wireless network to play music, read your email aloud and lights up if your stocks are heading down. Thumper can even “marry” another in the general area, so if you tug on its ear, a co-worker’s rabbit can wiggle in sync. A great way to say the boss is coming–provided you haven’t been fired for crowding your desk with such a ridiculous object. $149, Nabaztag.com