Tourist trap

Speed dating for the architecture world

Speed dating for the architecture world. That’s the idea behind CA Boom’s Fall 2006 Design and Architecture Series, a tour that allows up-and-coming architects to present their work for would-be clients.

“People spend more time researching which car to buy than they do to find an architect, yet building a house is the biggest purchase they’ll ever make,” says CA Boom Design Show founder Charles Trotter.

Producer Holly DuRivage was on last spring’s CA Boom tour when she visited a home on the Venice canals designed by Vaughn Trammell.

“I wasn’t even in the market for an architect at the time,” she says.

Trammell is now designing a vacation home for Du Rivage on a piece of land she owns in western Massachusetts.

The next tour is Sept. 30 in West Hollywood/Laurel Canyon. For more information, visit caboomshow.com