Todd Rosenthal

The transportation facilitator at TBR Consultants, Sherman Oaks. Just don't call him an auto broker

Anything and everything you can think of that relates to transportation, we will resolve.

A well-known executive said, “I have two Mercedes, a Ferrari and a Jeep. I want to get rid of them and buy new.'” I said, “What do you want?” He said, “You choose.”

I find celebrities have very small support groups in their lives.

I hear stories all the time of repossessions, people who have overextended themselves, who pay more for their car than their mortgage or rent, because they need to be seen.

My clients rely on me. I know their details, their expenses and offer suggestions based on those numbers. It’s kind of a therapy session.

The emotional purchaser will get screwed on the deal. They’ll call me, saying ‘I’m at a dealer. I want to buy this.’ I’ll say, ‘Step away from the car.’ I have a 24-hour rule.

I’ve dealt with several DUIs. Because I’m on people’s speed dial, a lot of times I’m their first line of defense. There have been a few situations in the middle of the night where I’ve had a phone call.

I hate dealing with the paparazzi. I’d be interested to know what goes on with them, what drives them. It can’t be the art.

I will never say, “I told you so.”

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