The earth needs maid service

Environmental orgs need your help

With Earth Day approaching and spring around the corner, environmental orgs are offering opportunities for volunteers to get involved in creating a cleaner, healthier L.A.

BREATHE BETTER According to Coalition for Clean Air marketing manager Anai Ibarra Lopez, nine out of 10 Californians breathe bad air. The org is seeking donations and volunteers to help with informational booths that will be set up at Santa Monica Promenade, Redondo Beach, Beverly Hills and East L.A. throughout the spring. More information: Coalitionforcleanair.org

GO FISH Heal the Bay began in 1985 in an effort to make Santa Monica Bay and the rest of the California coastline safe and healthy for people and marine life. In addition, HTB features the Stream Team program, which restores and cleans the Malibu Creek Watershed. “We’re trying to get it back to its natural state,” says Karin Hall, associate director. “This is a project where we’re going to need a lot of extra help.”

Visit Healthebay.org if you’d like to volunteer. You can also support HTB by logging on to GoodSearch.com, which gives a penny to HTB for every completed search.

HUG A TREE TreePeople has planted more than 2 million trees in the L.A. area since it was founded in 1973. “Our mission is to inspire people to take individual responsibility for our urban forests,” says Laurie Kaufman, director of public education. TreePeople’s citizen forestry program allows individuals to plan tree-plantings for their own neighborhoods. Check out their calendar at Treepeople.org for more information.