Serious gaming, serious goodies

The latest tech toys have got game

The onset of E3 means an onslaught of gaming gewgaws. “The big thing in gaming right now is engaging the player,” says Jon Middleton, VP for game accessory company Mad Catz. We’re engaged.

Pioneer VSX 1015TX

Ultimate Game Chair

Pioneer VSX 1015TX
A/V receiver ($500)
Ultimate Game Chair ($430)
What’s the point if you can’t hear every tone of your enemies’ laments? This 7.1-channel receiver (120 watts per channel) boasts great sound quality; three component-video inputs allow multiple consoles. pioneerelectronics.com Who’s a couch potato? This chair has 12 vibration motors that shake with the game’s action; 3-D stereo speakers drive the point home. Works with PCs and most major consoles. The latest model (pictured) will be unveiled at E3; available this fall. ultimategamechair.com

Pelican System Selector Pro 2.0

PC Moderator

Pelican System Selector Pro 2.0 ($75) PC Moderator ($90)
Adding another console to an already crowded entertainment center is a pain. Either you’re unplugging hardware to get to the TV’s inputs or facing a loss of picture quality by using a subpar switcher. System Selector Pro offers five component video, S-Video and AV video connections. It also has three ethernet ports and optical audio inputs. pelicanperformance.com Nothing says “Time to get off the computer!” like 18-gauge stainless steel. This little metal box plugs into the monitor and keyboard port; on the back of a PC, it’s padlocked to prevent shenanigans. Set computer time restrictions to prevent gaming overdose and schedule extended time for weekend and holidays. pcmoderator.com