Reinventing the wheels

Small bikes with big performance

Travel with your bike has never been easier. Smaller wheels and infinitely adjustable designs have created two-wheelers that comfortably fit in the tiniest trunk or smallest sailboat.

iXi Dahon Hon Solo
Giant Revive LX
iXi Dahon Hon Solo Giant Revive LX
Small enough to fit in the trunk of a Prius and clean enough to be ridden in your pre-Labor Day whites. The iXi ditches the traditional bike chain for a Harley Davidson-inspired, grease-free rubber belt — good news for pant cuffs and car interiors alike.
A single-speed bike with handcrafted lace wood mud and chain guards, it takes 15 seconds to fold the limited-edition Hon Solo in half. But the coolest feature is one you can’t see–the seat and seat-post turn into a high-capacity foot pump.
Bad back? No problem. Revive LX’s semi-upright position and lumbar support makes pedaling easy. Big hills? Small problem. Standing up is tough, which makes climbing a chore. However, keep the bike on the flats and you’ll discover locomotion in an La-Z-Boy.

Spaceman Bicycle Flask Holster by Ahearne Cycles Pinel & Pinel Trunk and Brompton Bike
Spaceman Bicycle Flask Holster by Ahearne Cycles Pinel & Pinel Trunk and Brompton Bike
Because sometimes electrolytes aren’t enough, the Spaceman Bicycle Flask Holster is built to carry something a little stronger. Old Tour de France riders knew that a touch of brandy could do what a rain jacket could not — make you feel warm and dry on the inside. Let’s see Gatorade do that.
Nickel-plated brass hardware and 51 shades of leather to choose from makes the Pinel & Pinel trunk handsome in its own right. But the real beauty fits inside. The Brompton M6R folding bike features six speeds, full fenders and a rear rack, all available in 10 coordinating colors.