I’d get rid of every entertainment number, every dance and musical number. Cut down the opening monologue stuff way down. Any patter between any presenter. Lose the guys with the briefcases, for sure. Get down to business and quit being so self congratulatory. (The public) gets all they want when they see people coming in. That’s what they want to see, anyway.  -producer

1. Every winner comes on stage. 2. No dance numbers. 3. No rehearsed acceptance speeches. If they take out a piece of paper, the orchestra plays. And if anyone feigns hysterical surprise or crying, they’re off immediately. -producer

I would try to give it more boldness and spontaneity and even a sense of danger. Having host whose opening monologue would shock people with its inappropriateness and keep its tone for the show. Right now, it’s too reverential. One of the fun things about the Golden Globes is Jack Nicholson or Elizabeth Taylor could go up drunk or something. When you watch the Globes, you feel like something weird could happen. People should be drinking. -manager

I would put Las Vegas showgirls on stage. I really loved when they had the Cirque du Soleil performers one year, when they were coming down from the stage. Everybody likes a spectacle, whether it’s a chandelier crashing or a helicopter on stage . If you’re watching, those moments really stay with you. -publicist

Get rid of all montages and all dance and music numbers except for the five nominated songs. -agent

I have no clue. -agent

I have a simple way: Make better movies. We’d have a vested interest if the movies were better; it would be a much more exciting horse race. Look at 1975, when you had ‘Jaws’ against ‘Barry Lyndon’ against ‘Dog Day Afternoon — which one was going to win? You had no idea. We’d put up with the long speceches. If they’re movies you never want to see again, it doesn’t matter. We feel like we’re watching for no reason. Now if ‘Borat’ won, we’d all care. That would shake things up a bit. -TV producer

I think the Oscars can be trimmed by one hour if the songs were not sung, the Documentary categories were only mentioned, the obituaries were eliminated, the funny monologues were taken out, the Irving Thalberg Award was only mentioned, the dance numbers done away with. 

One improvement that I would like to see would be more of a preview of each Best Picture nominee. Currently, only a sparse preview is shown.

I liked how the Academy Awards were plain and simple when they first began. 

All winners get to come to the stage.

The director award should be presented before best picture, NOT the best actor award. Film is a director’s medium, and having the best actor trophy awarded after best director makes no sense. The best director award should also be awarded by another director, not the biggest movie star you can find.  If they put best actor second to last because they wanted people to keep watching late into the night, then that’s lame. Seeing the best picture award should be incentive enough for people to keep watching. 

If I had it my way, the Screenplay awards would also be given out after best actor and actress. The Academy should stop allowing the studios to campaign an actor in whatever category they see fit. For example, last year, Jake Gyllenhaal was promoted for Supporting Actor even though in REALITY he was clearly a co-lead and should only have been considered for best actor. Too bad if you can’t get every actor in the movie nominated! The role is what it is. You can’t magically change a supporting role into a leading role. The Academy should watch each film and determine for itself who is eligible in what category.

It would be nice if the Academy would disallow all campaigning. It would also be nice if Oscars were awarded based on MERIT, instead of being affected by popularity, hype, or controversy.

There should be five nominees in EVERY category, including visual effects, sound editing, and makeup. There should be 2 new categories;  best ensemble performance and best stuntwork — the performers of the best original song nominees should receive an Oscar, not just the writers. If actors get awards for the words they so magically bring to life, why not the singers? Change the voting process. Instead of this ranked voting stuff, everyone should pick 5 nominees in each category, and the 5 who get the most votes get nominations.  A ridiculous notion, I know. – writer/director

Have Borat host the show and all of America will watch.

I think the element most absent from the Oscar telecast is CONSEQUENCES. Sure, if you win, you get a trophy and music and a speech. But what if you lose? Shouldn’t something else hang in the balance? Perhaps the nominee with the least amount of votes immediately has their pinky finger chopped off using the Academy’s on stage guillotine (Operated by Ellen DeGeneres?) Even better – all the seats of the nominees could be rigged for electrocution. Think about how much value that would add to those multi-camera moments when all fives faces are on screen. All you hear is “And the winner is…” and a moment later, one person is jumping for joy, three others are clapping modestly, and the one remaining nominee is quivering in pain, foaming at the mouth, and finally dead. Now that’s good television.

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