Moose, the Jack Russell terrier who played Eddie for more than a decade on NBC’s Emmy-winning skein “Frasier,” has died. He was 16½ (115 in dog years).

Moose died June 22 of old age at his home near Los Angeles, according to his trainer, Mathilde de Cagney.

A difficult puppy, fond of chewing and chasing things, he eventually was given to the Florida manager of Birds & Animals Unlimited, which trains animals for the screen. At 2½, Moose was sent to trainer de Cagny in L.A., where she discovered he was a natural actor.

He reportedly received more fan mail than any of the other “Frasier” thesps.

Moose also appeared in “My Dog Skip,” in which he shared the title role with his son, Enzo the Dog. Enzo also doubled for his aging dad later in “Frasier’s” run.