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Without question. This town loves charisma, over politics and political leanings, and they’re drawn to him. There are aspects in Hollywood who are going to be all Hillary, all the time, but there’s no way a portion won’t go to him and it won’t be about race or politics – it’s star wattage and charisma. Obama’s a star and this town loves stars. – manager

For sure. He’s attractive, he’s got excitement and he has a vision for the future. From people 17 to 90, Republican and Democrat. JFK’s just arrived. He’s a movie star. – studio exec

While it might be feasible that Barack Obama could be the Democratic candidate for 2008, the chances of him winning the election would be as high as Hillary Clinton winning, which would be zero. – producer

I think it’s too early (for Obama). He doesn’t have a voting record. How can he comment on issues for things that he hasn’t voted on? – publicist

Considering the other candidates in the Democratic party and his warm reception in New Hampshire, absolutely. I don’t think Hilary’s electable – and I think the Democrats know that, too. – indie exec

Yes, but he will be upstaged by Hillary. – Variety subscriber

Add him as the VP to Hilary and you might just beat the pants off the Republicans. – European Ad Exec

A big change is needed for America. Obama might be the answer. John Edwards as VP or maybe Hillary. – Variety subscriber

He may be attractive and charismatic, but his youth and lack of experience scares me.

Elected, he could be the next Jimmy Carter, and that would be a disaster for this country.

Frankly, I’d like to see Al Gore get the nomination. – screenwriter

2008 will be a trial run. He only has two years of House experience and that will hurt him on the campaign trail. 2008 will get the country familiar with him, but he’ll be a better candidate in 2016 after he’s had more federal experience, or a governorship in his home state. Voters still want a track record in high level positions. – Variety subscriber

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