Director Hubert Cornfield died of heart failure June 18 in Los Angeles. He was 77.

Born in Istanbul, Cornfield worked as a director, screenwriter and graphic artist. His father, Albert Cornfield, was an exhibitor and Fox exec who moved the family from Turkey to France to the USA, where Hubert Cornfield graduated from the U. of Pennsylvania.

He directed his first feature “Sudden Danger” in 1955, and made several B movies including “Plunder Road,” “Lure of the Swamp,” “The Third Voice” and “Angel Baby.”

In 1962, he wrote and directed “Pressure Point” starring Bobby Darin as a neo-Nazi murderer who is revealed to be Jewish.

His 1969 film “The Night of the Following Day” starred Marlon Brando and Pamela Franklin. His last feature “Les Grand Moyens,” for which he also wrote the screenplay and score, was shot in France in 1976.

He is survived by two daughters and a sister.