Gallery-worthy wallpaper

A wall-covering revival has designs to suit every taste. Possible exception: your grandmother

“Wallpaper is a happy fetish for me,” says interior designer Ricki Kline, who had Broadway Bar’s wallpaper custom made at Astek Wallcoverings in Van Nuys.

If you want it to be your fetish, you’ll need a designer; most manufacturers won’t give a price quote without one.

Please refer to photo above for wallpaper samples mentioned here:
1. Blackbird Style: Hand designed, then screen printed, by local designer Carly Margolis. Perfect left bare but serves as a fantastic backdrop for hanging vivid art. $145 per 15′ x 27″roll; cavernhome.com

2. Murano by Innovations: Italian craftsmen laminate millions of tiny glass beads to a fabric background. “Paint can’t replicate color like this,” says Innovations’ Michael Freedman. Innovations, Pacific Design Center, (800) 227-8053

3. David Hicks’ Hexagon by Cole & Son: Straight from the ’70s, this retro pattern adds playful personality and subtle refinement. Lee Jofa, PDC, (800) 453-3563

4. Malabar by Cole & Son: Because no one can call oversized black-and-white paisley tired, old or common. Lee Jofa

5. Louise Body Pavilion Birds: The outline is printed by machine, but the papers are hand-finished. The result: Less like Grandma, more like art. $150 per 33′ x 20″roll; Walnut Wallpaper and Trim, (323) 932-9166

6. Japanese Imperial Suede by Phillip Jeffries: It’s suede, soft and scrumptious; guests may end up petting the walls. That’s OK; it’s stain repellent. Holly Hunt L.A., (310) 659-3776

7. Japanese Stone Wallcoverings #1871 by Phillip Jeffries: Real stones are crushed and laminated for an earth-friendly way to hang the mountains on the wall. Holly Hunt L.A.