Ferrari crash course

These hot wheels rev up in style

In February, Bo Stefan Eriksson smashed a million-dollar Ferrari into a pole on the PCH at 162 mph — and walked away to be arrested another day. Now, that’s a car.

Some cars have reputations and others have pedigrees, but Ferrari has an aura. From racing in the ’30s through the playboy-infested ’70s to that monumental crash in Malibu, Ferraris generate an aspirational magic.

However, it attracts two kinds of customers: mid-engine buyers who go for the F430 or the Enzo (Bo’s car); or the front-engined seekers, who will be lining up for the 599 GTB Fiorano following its release this fall.

Mid-engine Ferrari

Front-engined Ferrari

Mid-engine Ferrari Front-engined Ferrari
Models: F430, Enzo
Who drives it: Young guns, the occasional corporate criminal and purists — the Enzo doesn’t have a radio.
Why: They’re essentially race cars. The V-8 F430 spits out 490 hp at 8,500 rpm; the V-12 Enzo, 660 hp at 7,800 rpm. Sequential manual transmission features a gear-change time of 150 milliseconds; ceramic ABS brakes are half the weight of steel.
Next generation: FXX, a dedicated track car that includes membership in Team Ferrari. The $1.8 million price tag made it the world’s most expensive new car.
Drawback: Only 29 FXX were made; Enzo Ferrari believed in always making one less car available than the market’s demand. All were pre-sold before they ever hit asphalt.
Price: $178,906 (F430); Enzos are no longer available
Model: 575M Maranello
(Superamerica convertible)
Who drives it: The gran tourismo attracts more conservative types willing to forgo some sportiness for luxury
Why: The V-12 engine sports 515 hp at 7,250 rpm, ceramic brakes and fully manual or sequential-manual transmission, but with a custom-designed leather interior and six-way power seats; the Superamerica upps to 540 hp and features a glass top that rotates backward and adjusts to five different tints.
Next generation: 599 GTB Fiorano. The most powerful front-engined production car Ferrari has ever built, it goes from 0 to 60 in 3.7 seconds.
Drawback: According to the EPA, the 575M gets 10 mpg in the city/16 mpg on the freeway, which means owners pay gas-guzzler tax.
Price: $240,000 (599 GTB); 575Ms are no longer available.