Dissident Spanish film director Eloy de la Iglesia died March 23 after a renal cancer operation. He was 62.

Born in Zarauz, De La Iglesia became a prolific screenwriter-director of children’s programming at TVE, starting with children’s stories tryptch “Fantasia 3” in 1966. He directed several early ’70s genre pics, most notably the stirring serial killer “Cannibal Man” and the trashy futuristic biker movie “Clockwork Terror.”

But De La Iglesia’s real interests lay elsewhere. As a gay communist Basque who developed a heroine habit, he was a multiple outsider.

Franco’s death in 1975 allowed his penchant for polemics and sympathy for Spain’s marginalized lumpen to flower in a series of social-sexual mellers: “The Creature,” gay politico pic “The Deputy,” delinquent bio “Navajeros,” suffering proles dramas “La mujer del ministro” and “Pals” (1982), and Civil Guard family “El Pico” and “El Pico II.” His last film was the 2003 “Los Novios Bulgaros,” a story of homosexual love based on a novel.