Probably. Maybe if it had been done in Mayan. -producer

“Tora Tora Tora” premiered 30 years after Pearl Harbor. “A Night to Remember” came 46 years after the Titanic sunk. And it took more than 65 million years from the time a meteor impact ended the reign of the dinosaurs for audiences to be ready for Bruce Willis and Ben Affleck in “Armageddon.” Yeah, five years may have been a bit too soon. -theater director

Yes, it was too soon. I wasn’t ready to relive the experience emotionally yet. How long had it been, two years? It was five? Oh, will I ever be ready to live though that? I don’t know. -publicist

No. Whenever it was done, I think the results would have been the same. I think it’s entertainment value vs. medicine and that’s reflected in its B.O. On an emotional level, I think the timing was right. -studio exec

No. It was too much money to spend on a movie that feels agonizing. No one wants to spend an hour and half to watch people in agony. -screenwriter

I don’t think it was too soon. You could ask the same thing about “Apocalypse Now.” That film left an indelible impression. If these films were along that line and had its power and resonance, there’s no reason they couldn’t have been made sooner. -studio exec

Television got into the act before these two movies were made. Most people had already seen enough of 9/11 on the TV screen at home and did not want to pay at the box office. -Variety subscriber

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