B12: Shot of champions?

Better than coffee: B12 shots are the new quick picker- upper

It was the shot heard ’round Hollywood.

When Lindsay Lohan collapsed last week on the set of “Georgia Rule,” she was rushed to the hospital for a B12 shot. It was reported that she was suffering from heat exhaustion and dehydration.

Hot and tired? Well, who isn’t?

“I see about 30 or so patients a week who come in for a shot,” says Dr. Sabena Toor, an internist at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center who has administered vitamin megadoses for 11 years. “When I first started, I got such great feedback. My patients felt more energized and less stressed.”

Vitamin B12 is commonly found in meats, fish, and dairy products, but it’s difficult to pinpoint the precise efficacy of a B12 shot. No U.S. studies ascertain its benefits, though Toor says that in Europe, India and Asia, B12 shots are as common as popping a multi-vitamin pill.

Still, absence of proof didn’t stop Margaret Thatcher from getting regular pricks in the posterior during her tenure as prime minister; Charlize Theron gets them, too. Hugh Jackman recently noted that twice-weekly B12 shots helped him dance 10 hours a day for “The Boy from Oz.” Prince gets a B12 fix before every performance.

It could be called the “morning-after” shot. “I get actors and actresses who have done a night of partying without eating,” says Toor. “Alcohol depletes vitamin B.” (Chronic alcoholism is a documented cause of B12 deficiency and gossip bloggers quickly accused Lohan of getting the shot to quell DTs

shortly after she collapsed.)

However, most B12ers do it for the rush. “At first, I didn’t feel anything,” recalls Carlota Espinosa, the Fox 11 Style File producer who gets injections from Toor when she feels sluggish. “After about 30 minutes, I was pumped up.”

While naysayers say any high can be attributed to a placebo effect, R.N. Sally Pacholok, co-author of “Could It Be B12? An Epidemic of Misdiagnoses,” disagrees. “B12 does help different brain neurotransmitters perform better.”

A few days ago, this hot and tired reporter pulled a Lohan and sped to the hospital for a dose. An hour later, the red light seemed shorter, and the office water tasted better. Even the interior of her car looked cleaner. She slept well that night, too.