Nothing. Not a damn thing. Doing away with the Oscar gift baskets was the smartest move they possibly could have made. It was getting so out of hand ’embarrassing’ wasn’t strong enough an adjective to describe the situation. – Variety subscriber

AMPAS should give each member a portable DVD player. – Variety subscriber

Nominees, presenters, guests or whoever should get nothing. They don’t need anything. Is Kirsten Dunst going to survive without a diamond-studded cell phone? I tend to think so. Why not have every celebrity nominated and/or attending donate some money to charity?

They could walk down the red carpet and drop a check into big boxes representing various charities. – Variety subscriber

Well, next they can do away with Oscar campaigning and award the Oscars based on a little thing called MERIT. – writer/director

Donations should be made to charity, like Katrina relief. – veep

What to do with gift baskets? Why not poll all the nominees about their favorite/most deserving charities? Take the charity mentioned most and use the money that would have been spent on gift baskets on that worthy cause. How about…

Hurricane Katrina victims/Rebuilding New Orleans schools & services
Habitat for Humanity
Make A Wish Foundation

What a great way to support people who need help and provide visibility to deserving nonprofit organizations! – Variety subscriber

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