Aleene Barnes MacMinn, former TV editor of the Los Angeles Times, died March 5 of an apparent stroke in Los Angeles. She was 75.

MacMinn joined the L.A. Times in 1953 after graduating from USC, was one of only two women reporters in Times city room when she joined the paper.

She was named television editor in the 1960s and oversaw news, reviews, and daily TV listings, helping to create the TV Times magazine.

“Tireless, eager, resourceful and imaginative, Aleene was one of those stalwart figures without whom no organization can long endure,” recalled Times Arts Editor Emeritus Charles Champlin.

Howard Rosenberg, who succeeded Smith as the Times Television Critic and won a Pulitzer Prize under MacMinn’s editorship, also remembered her professionalism. “All of us who worked with her respected her total devotion to the paper and to her job. I’ll always recall her as a real pro, someone truly interested in television and in making it better.”

In 1981, the Publicists Guild of America honored her with its Press Award. From 1978 through 1993, MacMinn was also a member of the USC adjunct faculty. She received the outstanding faculty award for excellence in journalism education in 1988 from the USC Graduate Journalism Students Assn.

She is survived by two children and four grandchildren.