TV writer Alberto Migre, known for his Argentine telenovelas, died March 9 of a heart attack. He was 74.

Born Felipe Alberto Milletari, he penned more than 100 novelas, many inspired by the bars, streets and people of his native Buenos Aires.

He began as a child in the business, working up from runner at a radio network to an actor in kiddie programs before receiving a literature degree and moving into a long career in TV scriptwriting. Hits included “Piel naranja” (Orange Skin) in 1975 and “Pablo en nuestra piel” (Pablo in Our Skin) in 1977.

He won a Golden Martin Fierro, the top prize for television in Argentina, in 1973 for “Rolando Rivas, taxista” (Rolando Rivas, Taxi Driver), the love story of a taxi driver and an upper-class young woman.

Migre was barred from TV during much of the 1976-83 military dictatorship, when leaders considered his stories of adultery, murder, homosexuality and teen rebellion “unhealthy” for the public. He returned to work after democracy was restored and in 2001 was named an exceptional citizen for his novelas by the city of Buenos Aires.

His last novela was in 2004, a remake of the 1975 hit “Piel naranja,” on Grupo Clarin’s Artear-Canal 13.