WB unmasks ‘V’…

Silver discusses pic's politics at preem

“V for Vendetta” may contain a subversive message, but those involved say it shouldn’t be considered an especially political film. “We keep it an enigma,” said star Natalie Portman at pic’s Gotham preem Monday at the Time Warner Center. “You leave with mixed feelings, and that’s the best a movie can do.”

Producer Joel Silver said he believes the project, which makes veiled but powerful reference to the U.S. Patriot Act and the Iraq war in the context of a U.K. police state, is more subtle than some might believe. “I don’t think it has direct parallels (to the current political situation). It has connections.”

At the after-bash — which featured both large replicas of the masked main character and a giant red “V” hanging from the ceiling — Silver said he understood the position of Alan Moore, the author on whose graphic novel pic is based. Moore disavowed the film and gets no credit on it. “He wanted his name off the movie,” Silver said. “He’s been handled improperly in the past, and I understand that. But I think the way we did this movie was very respectful.”